The Importance of Grade 5 Camp

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a day and a night at grade 5 camp this past week.  Every year when I am able to see this, it reaffirms my belief in the power of the camp experience for both the students and for the adults who are attending with them.  I don’t think there was a moment in which all were not totally engaged in the activity they were part of, from beach exploring, to canoeing, to arts and crafts and campfire chants.

More important than the activities and the engagement though, were the connections being made.  Near the end of camp students were expressing their sadness at leaving camp, and were asking if they could stay longer.  Last year when talking with our grade 6 and 7 students about what made the school such a great place, it was often grade 5 camp that they talked of.

As humans, we have a innate need to be connected in a life affirming way to those around us and to the greater world generally.  The camp experience for our students is one way that this happens.  I am very appreciative of the extra time given by the adults who take our students to camp, as this is a life-enhancing activity that cannot be replicated in the regular classroom setting.

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2 Responses to The Importance of Grade 5 Camp

  1. Ms.S.Dupre says:

    My Grade Four students interviewed the Grade Five students to ask about their recent adventures.
    Some of the responses were:
    “I had an awesome time!”
    “I went canoeing for the first time and it was great!”
    “We created a game called Ga-Ga Ball, that everyone could play”
    “I jumped in the Polar Dip..the Pacific Ocean!”
    “We learned about archery and I even shot at balloons and oranges!”
    Needless to say, my Grade Four students are now really looking forward to experiencing the traditional Heath camping program.

    • jmlauman says:

      Thanks for doing such a great job of interviewing, grade four students. I am glad you are looking forward to camp next year. Grade five students, I am glad that you had such a wonderful time. I did too!

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