Student Inquiry Leaders

Principals’ forward:

In a living systems learning community, all members develop and share their leadership talents, using those talents to work with others in order to facilitate positive, forward moving growth. This year our adult school inquiry leaders (Ericka Brugge and Sherrie Bennett) have begun to work regularly with a small group of student leaders in order to ensure we are weaving our students’ perspectives into our forward moving development.

 Our student leaders write:

At Heath Traditional Elementary we have a Self Regulated Learning Student Ambassador Group. In this group we have five grade 7 students that come together to help make sure that the kids at our school know how to be mindful and self regulated. We are the students from the SRL group: Raheem, Angelina, Dominic, Balaram and Kisa. We feel that if students don’t know how to be self-regulated at a younger age, they won’t be as successful in life.


 One of our big tasks in helping students learn SRL is to teach lessons to small groups of fellow students. Once we divide our students into groups, the four of us create lessons that are age appropriate for each group.

 Here’s what we have to say about being student leaders:

 “The feeling is great.  At first you don’t know what to expect, but all kids have great imaginations”-Kisa

 “I felt nervous at the start but…it got me more open to teaching the kids”-Raheem

 “I think it’s amazing to teach other kids about SRL”-Angelina

 “It’s nice to be able to take the place of the teacher” –Dominic

 Another interesting part about working in the SRL group is working with the adults/teachers.  They are very helpful and have cool ideas, and adults who are teachers really understand what students need and have great tips to make sure kids learn while having fun. We are hoping with our leadership and guidance that kids at our school will become self-regulated people and help make a difference in the world.

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