Math Ambassadors – Students as Curriculum Leaders

Principal’s forward: Leadership that is growth oriented, appropriate, and distributed widely within the school community has a real likelihood of positively affecting all members of the community in a lasting way.  (This is an important facet of a living systems learning community.)

I am at a new school this fall, and because I am new I began to explore with the staff the actions taken with the school wide curricular Math goal set in the previous year.  Our Teacher Inquiry Coordinator, Marnie Hunter, was working/leading alone and I could see that doing the work alone was daunting.  This gave us the opportunity to begin adding a living systems learning community perspective – to share the leadership and the learning while honouring the work that had been done already.  Grade 7 teacher leaders were also expressing the desire to have more meaningful student leadership opportunities for their students.  So Marnie, along with teacher leaders Sharon Cruz and Janet Henri began working hard with eight grade 7 student leaders this year on a new school initiative.

See Marnie’s words below:

In the words of Confucius, “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll understand”.blue

Here at Richardson Elementary, we are embarking upon a significant and exciting learning journey into the realm of numeracy. As a staff, we have begun to really focus on deepening and strengthening our own pedagogical understanding of the big math ideas in the new math curriculum. We have worked to develop optimal learning situations for our students using various lessons and manipulatives. Overall, our goal is to increase student engagement and achievement in mathematics. What better way to accomplish this task than to involve our students in the process?

Therefore, we 2015-02-17 13.47.15have devoted time, energy, and various resources to create a student group of math teachers. This group of grade 7 English and French Immersion students are Richardson’s “Math Ambassadors”, and their role is to collaborate with teachers and other students in order to facilitate numeracy skills.

We are very excited about our school’s new vision. And our ambassadors are key players in creating an energetic, fun atmosphere for Richardson students where numeracy is promoted as being a valuable, lifelong skill. Students and teachers alike are on this learning journey in mathematics. We are only at the beginning of our quest, and we eagerly look forward to what unfolds.

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