About Janet Lauman, Ed. D.

I am an educator who has worked and researched in numerous schools and school districts across British Columbia, Canada.  My work passion is developing collaborative communities where adults and children alike care about improving the learning experience for all, and work together to create the conditions needed for this to occur (developing living systems learning communities).

My doctoral dissertation focused on learning communities (LCs) in schools and why LCs grow and develop in some communities while not in others.  My masters thesis focused on schools/programs of choice and how motivating factors differ for parents when they make choices.  I am currently interested in systems change, with the purpose of helping to improve the learning experience for all.

I am the parent of three young adults – two recently finished university, and one at the beginning of her university journey.


2 Responses to About Janet Lauman, Ed. D.

  1. Inge Illman says:

    Hi Janet,
    I am the chair of the professional development committee at Glenlyon Norfolk School, an independent JK-12 school in Victoria, BC. I just read about some of your work, as it is in line with where we want to go with our Pro-d model here at GNS. Do you offer talks/presentations about your work/research? If so, would you be willing to speak with us at our pro-d day on May 19 this year?

    • jmlauman says:

      Hi Inge, I have sent a message to your colleague Lucho via Linkedin, as he asked to connect there. I am intrigued and would welcome further conversation to see if this would be a good fit. I think I can be available for May 19th. My work numbers are 604-596-7481, cell 604-314-1853. What are some good times to connect with either yourself or with Lucho. I’ll let the two of you decide who I should speak with. Kind regards, Janet

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